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5 Reasons Companies Should be Thinking About Voice Search

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Top 5 Reasons Organizations Fail at SEO

SEO seems to be a pretty common term these days. (Finally, people know what I do! they?) As digital marketing continues to skyrocket with interest from small and large companies across the globe more and more marketers are joining the workforce to help them find success online. This brings the out all the training tutorials, e-books, SEO software, and every other gimmick you can think of to get people to focus on learning SEO rather than actually doing it. I have encountered so many great companies that have a good understanding of SEO and how it works, but they just are not finding success. Below are the most common reasons that I have found are the cause of their SEO falling short. 5. You Never Get Out of Planning Mode There is no doubt that you must create a solid marketing planning to execute for your website that should include SEO, PPC, Social, and a list of other pieces. The most common issue here is that planning mode just keeps spinning like a broken record and thi

Is Content Really Still King of SEO?

 If you have been anywhere near the world of SEO for more than 1 hour I am confident that the phrase "content is king" has been mentioned at least one time. For almost a decade now adding new content to websites with keyword rich optimization has been the biggest factor to help boost a website's performance in the search engines. With all the wild Google animals running around these days, like Panda and Penguin, who knows what really makes a difference anymore. Does SEO even work anymore? ...Take a deep breath.  It is pretty easy to get scared away from adding new content to your company website or even blog with all the scare tactics that Google continues to put out in the industry via sources like Matt Cutts. If you take the time to read between the lines you will see that they aren't targeting (at least intentionally) legit businesses that are adding truly relevant content to the internet. The biggest thing to keep in mind when planning new copy to be written is &q

30 Years and Counting: SEO Strategist, John Weaver Celebrates His 30th Birthday

Well today is my 30th birthday and it is really neat to look back and see everything I have been through and accomplished. So many people have touched my life the last 3 decades and I can't wait to see what is to come in the next 30 years. I'm not really feeling the mid-life crisis thing, but I did decide to buy myself a nice birthday present that should last me until my 40th. Special thanks to Jason and Molly at McCarthy Nissan for taking great care of me.

Matt Cutts 30 Day Challenge - New Website Idea Everyday

So with the Matt Cutts 30 day challenge I posted back in March I came up with the idea to come up with a new website idea everyday. After a few days I took it one step further and began purchasing domain names for my ideas. After 30 days of domain acquisition I can honestly say I have more SEO ideas running through my head than ever before. Some of these sites will be created with white-hat SEO strategies while others are going to be fun with a black-hat edge. Start snagging domains for your ideas!

Unnatural Link Warnings from Google

  Hey there Kansas City Webmasters! Google as created quite the wave of concern for website owners this past week by sending out link warnings to webmasters. Take a look at the following thread from  Webmaster World  about the issue and how Google's Matt Cutts had to say.

Welcome to My Blog: SEO Tips, Strategy, and News

 Hello!  I'm starting this blog to test SEO ideas that I have or have researched. Any thoughts that are shared are my own and do not reflect any company or organization that I am associated with.  Special thanks to Jennifer Laycock with Search Engine Guide for sharing her knowledge with myself and the SEO industry. Looking forward to reading the rest of your SEO Guide! Cheers, John